Calculate the cost of providing Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) Services

Unit costing tools for Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) providers

Use our free tool to calculate the cost to your organisation of providing one unit of CHSP service.

The Department of Health is changing how it pays CHSP service providers. Instead of paying upfront, providers will be paid in arrears. And you will need to calculate if you can provide a service within a price range set by the Australian Government.

Our tool helps you to: 

  • understand service unit costs
  • calculate the full cost of service delivery
  • confirm if your organisation can deliver a contracted service at the offered unit price
  • ensure your business model is viable and sustainable.

Using the tools

Our easy-to-use tool includes a:

  • How-to video – watch it to explain how to use the materials
  • Workbook – work through topics, do activities, review case studies
  • Spreadsheet – input your data to calculate service costs using built-in formulas.

Download the:

NOTE: You need Windows 2010 or above for all the Excel formulas to work.

Download the Workbook and the Excel spreadsheet, and watch the video demonstration of the tool. The PDF workbook explains how to calculate the Unit Cost of delivering one unit of a CHSP Service. It includes examples from a Food Service, Transport Service and service that provides Domestic Assistance.

The Unit Costing tool is for Finance Managers and managers of Commonwealth Home Support Program Services. It is designed to help you work out what it costs to deliver one unit of service. For example, one meal, one trip, one hour of social support, one hour of allied health one hour of domestic assistance and a home modification service.

CHSP service payments – what’s changing

The funding for older people, people with disability and their carers is moving to individualised model. The Department of Health is moving to a new model of payment in arrears for CHSP services. Contracts have been renegotiated with Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) services between January and June 2022. In the transition to the Support at Home program in 2027, CHSP services need to know their costs and what that means for their organisations both now and in the future.

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