Co-production and co-design with older people


Co-production can be a powerful way of changing how services are funded, designed and delivered. This workshop provides practical skills and knowledge on how to co-design and co-produce aged care services with older people.

Course Outline

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • describe the key principles of co-design and co-production;
  • reflect on strategies to empower older people and their allies;
  • apply practical tools to support co-design and co-production approach;
  • reflect on actual case studies and stories of co-design and co-production and explore what that means for your service and team;
  • Network with colleagues;
  • Get access to a range of resources and tools on co-design and co-production;
  • Access a free 60 minute follow up coaching session with the facilitator.

What you will get from attending

  • A clear understanding of what is co-design and co-production and how you can use it in your work.
  • Access to resources, learning activities and templates that will support you in using co-design in engaging older people

Target Audience

Managers, team leaders, support co-ordinators who are interested in knowing more about co-production and how it can transform residential services or community care services.


Face to face for up to 20 participants for four hours or 3, 1-hour online sessions


Four hours face to face or for three, 1-hour sessions.

In-house programs

Ask us to run this course for your organisation. Contact us to discuss your requirements, ideas, and attendees.